Materials for Planting by Residents on Public Land ($40,000)

Throughout Cambridge

Raised beds for food plants, placed at sites around town determined by city staff, consulting with residents. Plant materials, such as flower bulbs, for planting on other city land, distributed to residents in several locations.

Part of the funds would go to a contract to install about 20 raised beds for planting vegetables in chosen public sites throughout Cambridge, designed to fit the sites. The remaining funds would go to plant material, such as flower bulbs, for residents to plant in public space throughout Cambridge. Enabling residents to plant on our shared land will strengthen their understanding of and connection to the food cycle, sustainable agriculture, and the natural environment. Caring for our shared environment promotes civic responsibility and democratic values.

There is a long wait list for community gardens, so the raised beds will help meet that demand. Location of and access to these raised beds would be determined by city staff consulting with organized residents and community institutions that can serve as stewards of public plantings. Flower bulbs could be planted by residents in other public locations at appropriate times. Distribution of plant materials should be done in a manner which includes as many residents as possible. (Example of raised beds from Somerville’s Green City Growers:

planting1.jpg    planting3.jpg