Participatory Budgeting, by Lydia Millien

Participatory Budgeting is a different ways to manage public money and to engage people in the city. It is very important for the residents who live in the area or in the city. It helps the people in Cambridge benefit something else. Every resident over age 12 can vote for the projects. It’s necessary for all cities in Mass have a good idea. It can change the environment in Cambridge.

There are advantages and disadvantages to Participatory Budgeting. It benefits all people who live in Cambridge. It supports for some people who drives in Cambridge. It helps some people to find something else. About disadvantages, it can be difficult for new Cambridge residents because if you don’t live in Cambridge you can’t participate in the project. It gives that power to the people. People need to share in the decisions that affect them. This is true for neighborhoods, cities and beyond.

My experience about participatory budgeting is interesting because I learned and how people can vote. How people can benefit something very important for the community. This is a good experience for the city in Cambridge. I felt comfortable and excited about my experience. It makes me happy and helpful.