Computers for the Community Learning Center ($27,000) - winner!

Community Learning Center, 5 Western Avenue

At the Community Learning Center, students can improve their English or pursue a High School Equivalency Diploma. The CLC has 18 laptops and 12 ThinkPads for 630 adult learners. This project would fund 20 additional laptops, keyboards, mice and storage cart for the students.


The Community Learning Center (CLC) is located at 5 Western Avenue in Cambridge. The CLC has 630 adult students enrolled at this time, the majority in ESOL studies to improve their English skills and some students pursuing a High School Equivalency Diploma. Students at the CLC use the center's laptop computers to develop their skills and knowledge. The CLC currently has approximately 18 Dell laptop computers and 12 very old ThinkPads and is seeking to increase the number of laptops available to students.

Specifically, this project would provide CLC students with 20 laptop computers, 20 optical keyboards, 20 mice, and 1 storage cart.

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    “a person who is 18 years and up who is involved in forms of learning.”
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    What are adult learners?