Participatory Budgeting, by Jean Josue Valme

Participating Budgeting is a different way to manage public money. Any Cambridge resident over 12 years can take part. The environment can change because they have new things in this city, for example, the digital sign at City Hall in multiple languages. When people from different countries come to Cambridge, they’ll feel comfortable because the digital sign will scroll announcements in multiple languages and welcome people to Cambridge. Each resident gets to vote for 6 projects on the ballot.

There are advantages and disadvantages to Participatory Budgeting. One advantage is that Participatory Budgeting is free. It is also safe. One disadvantage is I don’t know who proposed projects. The Participatory Budgeting can’t be easy for new residents because they don’t understand English.

Overall my experience with Participatory Budgeting has been interesting because I learned how people can benefit from many projects. I felt happy to participate in this budget. I think there will be more interesting projects next year.