Free Public WiFi in Columbia Park ($32,000)

Columbia Park

Internet access is an essential right. Adding free WiFi to Columbia Park will enable people to access information for school and work. 

Having Wi-Fi access has become an essential right for everyone, but there are many people who cannot afford it or just can’t connect due to building structure.  There are many low-income families near Columbia Park, so many people and families would benefit from having free public Wi-Fi there. 

Internet access is very important because times are changing and so is technology.  The Cambridge Public School system is now requiring teens and even young kids to work on computers and other devices to do homework, projects, PowerPoints, and research and all of these tasks require having a Wi-Fi connection.  

Kids, teens, and adults all over Cambridge visit Columbia Park from time to time and it’s a place where people play, do homework, socialize, take pictures, and spend time creating memories. Kids in Cambridge really need free public Wi-Fi for their academics and parents really need this to stay connected with schools, programs, and services. 

The City estimates that $30,000 should cover the network connection and $1,500 will cover the access point, for a total project cost (rounded up) of $32,000 to bring free Wi-Fi to this park. 



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