First Steering Committee Meeting

On November 17th, the Participatory Budgeting Steering Committee met for the first time to define key elements of Cambridge’s first PB process.  The following individuals are serving as Steering Committee members:

  1. Joseph Aiello
  2. Torgun Austin
  3. Diane Beck
  4. Brendan Boyle
  5. Judy Bright
  6. Barbara Broussard
  7. Doug Brown
  8. Kelly Dolan
  9. Camilla Elvis
  10. Jenny Herrera
  11. Robin Kelly
  12. Kate Krontiris
  13. Mina Makarious
  14. Mark Mullikin
  15. James Poplasky
  16. Sasha Purpura
  17. Hasson Rashid
  18. Ellen Shachter
  19. Rebecca Schofield
  20. Naomi Stephen
  21. Elie Yarden
  22. Jay Yesselman

Cambridge is incredibly lucky to have such an enthusiastic and dedicated group to oversee the first PB process.  The issues they debated included:

  • What are the goals of this year's PB process?
  • Who is eligible to submit an idea, to serve as a Budget Delegate, and to vote in March?  Should we place age-related or other restrictions on participation?
  • How should the Steering Committee make decisions?

Overall, the Steering Committee decided that INCLUSION and SUSTAINABLE, MEANINGFUL COMMUNITY IMPACT should be some of the guiding themes for this year’s PB process.

For the answers to the above questions, please read our FAQs and check out the PB Cambridge Rulebook:  



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