16. The Sustainable Energy Pilot

Committee: Environment, Health & Safety

Cost: $90,000

Location: War Memorial Recreation Center and 1 City parking lot

Short Description: Picture a future where Cambridge residents are making sustainable energy choices. Let’s start now - install energy conversion devices on gym equipment and a rapid electric vehicle charging station.

Long Description: Gym equipment that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy could power some devices at the War Memorial Recreation Center, bringing an innovative process to Cambridge. Let’s convert exercise energy to electrical energy. Find out how pedaling an exercise bike becomes wattage that powers your cell phone.

Install a single level 3 (DC fast charger) electric vehicle (EV) charging station for public access to increase incentives for drivers to switch to EVs from vehicles that use fossil fuels. Level 3 stations charge EVs in an hour, which is eight times as fast as the City’s current EV charging stations. A level 3 charger parking spot would become available more frequently, encouraging more residents to purchase EVs.

These sustainable energy pilots will enhance Cambridge's reputation as a progressive green city.


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