2. Digital Sign at City Hall in Multiple Languages

Committee: Culture & Community Facilities

Cost: $75,000

Location: Cambridge City Hall lawn

Short Description: Digital sign that will scroll announcements in multiple languages and welcome people to Cambridge. It will be easily seen when residents go by and will be a prototype that if successful can be replicated in other areas of the city.

Long Description: After receiving multiple requests for digital signage across the city, it was decided that starting with one at City Hall would provide an updated way for residents to obtain information and test how the new signage was received and utilized. By having information in multiple languages, it would assist those whose first language is not English. This would be a welcoming presence to new residents of Cambridge.

The sign would welcome people to the city and provide information in multiple languages regarding events around the city, information about Cambridge, closures, voting, and other city-related information. City staff will update the sign regularly and they will be able to share more information in more languages than with traditional signs.

cityhallsign1.png          cityhallsign2.png            cityhallsign3.png

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