11. Real-Time Bus Arrival Monitors in Harvard Square

Committee: Streets, Sidewalks & Transit

Cost: $24,000

Location: 2 locations in Harvard Square

Short Description: Real-time bus arrival monitors at 2 bus stops in Harvard Square will inform travelers when the next bus will arrive, so they can adjust their plans if needed.

Long Description: Real-time bus arrival monitors inform travelers waiting at the bus stops precisely when their next bus will arrive. Large digital displays announcing arrival times will reduce the uncertainty and anxiety often associated with bus travel. People can then adjust their travel plans so they are not stuck waiting outside at the bus stop. They can run errands, grab food, or inform others of their arrival time. Knowing when the bus will come reassures travelers that the next bus is not far away - or that it’s coming at all!

These are some of the most heavily used bus stops in Cambridge, so many people would benefit from these signs. In addition, monitors are especially useful to people without smartphones who cannot otherwise access real-time arrival predictions.

Possible locations include Johnston Gate and across from Holyoke Street or in the tunnel at the Harvard Square T stop.

Real-Time Bus Arrival Monitors in New York City & Chicago:

monitor1.png    monitor2.png

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  • Jc Payne
    commented 2015-12-05 17:37:05 -0500
    There should be four spots. 1) Elliot Street, 2) Dawes Island by the junction of Garden & Mass Ave. 3) by Harvard Gate (next to Massachusetts Hall in Harvard Yard 4) Down in the Harvard station busway where cell phone signal is spotty and sometimes it picks up Central Square G.P.S. area bus routes.