Help Us Improve!

We are planning to start the second PB process this summer so that we can wrap up voting by December and make the timeline more manageable for everyone involved. Before we launch the second round, we’d like to collect feedback from the community about what worked well and what could be improved through two primary channels:

  • An in-person feedback session on Tuesday, May 5th from 6-8pm at the Citywide Senior Center (806 Mass. Ave.)
  • An online survey
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Voting Results Breakdown

2,727 Cambridge residents age 12 and older voted in March to decide which Participatory Budgeting projects the City should fund. The voting results were as follows:

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Cast Your Vote!

This post was submitted by guest blogger Becca Schofield, member of the PB Steering Committee.

From March 22-28, the City of Cambridge is holding a Participatory Budgeting VOTE for all residents 12 and older. Hundreds of people have submitted ideas for projects that would improve the City – this week, we get to choose which projects the City will implement.



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Cambridge Chronicle Story

The Chronicle recently published a story on PB in Cambridge.  Check it out!

The Proposals are In!

The 20 proposals are in!  Which projects will you vote for? Every Cambridge resident who is at least 12 years old will be able to vote for 5 projects on the ballot next week. Click here to read about them all



PB Proposal Development

Thank you to everyone who volunteered as a Budget Delegate!  Between now and March, Budget Delegates are going to be hard at work doing research, community assessments, and site visits to narrow down the list of 380 submitted ideas into 20 project proposals for the ballot

Watch this video to see why one young man chose to be a Budget Delegate in New York City's PB process: 


Calling All Volunteers

We are still looking for people to volunteer as Budget Delegates and Committee Facilitators! 

The proposal development phase from January-March is where many key decisions will be made, including which projects will appear on the ballot in March.  Be part of that decision!

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Idea Collection Extended!

Idea collection has been extended through December 31st!  Please continue to spread the word about PB and submit your ideas on the map through the end of the month.

Get Your Idea on the Map!

Idea collection will close on December 31st, so hurry up and get your idea on the map!



Watch This 4-Minute PB Video

For those of you who couldn't make it to the first two PB Assemblies, check out this 4-minute video by the Participatory Budgeting Project:

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