Proposal Development: Week 1


Last week, Budget Delegates on the 'Bridge Builders (Culture & Community Facilities); Health, Environment & Safety; Parks & Recreation; and Streetsmarts Committees came together for their first official meetings.  Each will meet on a different night of the week, with other committee members doing research remotely or conducting site visits during the day.

After getting to know each other and establishing ground rules and shared expectations for the proposal development work ahead, Budget Delegates started reading through their idea lists to get more familiar with the variety of projects that fall within their purviews.  Each committee used notecards with individual ideas written on them to discuss projects and divide them into subgroups, as the 'Bridge Builders are doing in the photo above.

This week, Budget Delegates will continue initial research of the projects in their subgroup and will prepare questions to ask City staff at the first Department "speed consulting" session on September 7 at City Hall.

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