Cambridge Doubles PB Investment and Launches 10th Process!

The City of Cambridge launched the 10th Cycle of Participatory Budgeting and collected over 1,000 ideas from the community between September 11 – October 9, 2023, about how to spend $2 million on projects to improve Cambridge. From October 2023 through January 2024, volunteer PB Delegates will research all submitted project ideas and develop the final proposals for the PB ballot. From March 7-17, 2024, all Cambridge residents age 12 and older, regardless of citizenship status, will be eligible to vote for their favorite projects and decide how to spend $2 million of the City’s Budget.

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What is PB?

Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process that empowers community members through civic engagement to decide how to spend part of a public budget. In Cambridge the intention is for Participatory Budgeting to directly involve residents in the budgeting and city-building process, foster civic engagement and community spirit, and help ensure that the City’s budget reflects the priorities of Cambridge residents and local partners. This 10th PB cycle is special because Cambridge will allocate a record-high $2 million for this year’s process, which doubles the previous budget of $1 million. The types of projects eligible for funding this fiscal year will be expanded to include capital and operating projects.


Some Images provided by the Participatory Budgeting Project.