Thank you for voting!

Many thanks to the PB Outreach Committee, Budget Delegates and Facilitators, City staff, and all of the volunteers and participants who helped make the City's third PB cycle a success!

From December 3-9, 2016, 4,730 Cambridge residents age 12 and older voted to decide how to spend $700,000 on capital projects to improve the community - a 13% increase from last year. To view a breakdown of the voting results, please click here.

7 Projects Won Funding!

1. SOLAR POWER SHINES! ($260,000)
Rooftop of Main Public Library
Let’s power the public library with clean, renewable energy! Adding solar panels to our main library will help Cambridge meet our climate goals by reducing emissions, saving money over time, and serving as an example for patrons.

Specific locations citywide (see full proposal)
Install flashing light signs on six crosswalks that pedestrians can activate before crossing the street. These flashing signs make drivers more aware of crossing pedestrians to help prevent crashes, especially at night.

High-use bus stops throughout Cambridge
This project proposes installing 10 solar-powered bus tracking displays with real-time arrival information at high-use bus stops throughout the City of Cambridge.

Harvard Square, CRLS
Kinetic energy tiles are tiles that generate energy from your footsteps! We want to introduce these tiles into our city and get Cambridge residents involved with clean energy! These tiles can power streetlights, phones, or laptops.

Four locations throughout Cambridge
Additional water fountains and bottle refill stations will help residents stay hydrated and reduce waste from plastic bottles! One of the new fountains will be designed to reflect Cambridge, like the artistic water fountain at Fresh Pond.

Moore Youth Center
The Moore Youth Center is outdated compared to other youth centers. New furniture and equipment will help bring more youth to the center.

8-10 highly visible community locations
Commission local artists to create a series of murals and street art reflecting Cambridge's vibrancy and diversity. Increase space for publicly created street art (like that in "Graffiti Alley" in Central Square).


Help us improve!

Please take a few moments to reflect on your PB experience and share your feedback through this survey. It is similar to the voter survey, but it includes additional questions related to vote results, outreach, what worked well, and what we can improve.

Marcia Mundt, a doctoral student and research assistant at UMass Boston, is conducting an evaluation of the City's third PB process and she would LOVE to interview you.  If you have 15-20 minutes to talk to Marcia in person or over the phone about your experience with PB, please sign up here. Thank you! 

Check out the map of past winning PB projects

Click here to see a Google map that displays all of the winning projects from PB1 and PB2. Projects with blue icons have been completed, while projects with grey icons have not yet been completed. Some projects will be implemented at multiple locations throughout Cambridge; in these cases, locations on the map are approximate or represent a general area. 


You can learn more about winning projects from past cycles by exploring our PB Cycles tab.

What is PB all about?

Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process through which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget. The City hopes that PB will help directly involve residents in the budgeting and City-building process, foster civic engagement and community spirit, and help ensure that the City’s Capital Plan reflects the priorities of Cambridge residents.

The third Participatory Budgeting (PB) cycle in Cambridge will run from June-December 2016. This time, the City will set aside $700,000 of the FY18 Budget for one-time capital projects to improve the community. Winning projects from past PB cycles include a public toilet in Central Square, bike repair stations, a freezer van for prepared food rescue, water bottle fill stations, bilingual books for children learning English, and many others.

After community members brainstorm project ideas in June and July, volunteer Budget Delegates will research and develop those ideas into formal project proposals from August through November. Proposals that are vetted by City staff and approved by the City Manager will appear on a PB ballot in December for a public vote. Winning projects will be included in the FY18 Capital Budget for adoption. 


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